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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is life coaching, and how can it benefit me?

Life coaching is a personalized partnership designed to help you achieve your goals, overcome challenges, and create a fulfilling life. Through strategic conversations and actionable steps, you can gain clarity, motivation, and achieve lasting positive change.


2. How is life coaching different from therapy?

While therapy focuses on addressing past issues and emotional healing and your past, life coaching is future-oriented, concentrating on setting and achieving goals. 


3. Does Breaking Down Barriers ASAP provide mental health diagnosis or treatment?


No, we do not provide therapy or  mental health diagnosis.


4. Do you accept insurance?


Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time.


3. What areas of life can a life coach help me with?

Life coaches can assist you in various areas, including career development, relationships, personal growth, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Our goal is to activate your strengths that you already have, to implement strategies to help you in various areas in your life.


4. How long does a typical coaching session last, and how frequently should I schedule them?


Sessions typically last around 60 minutes, and the frequency varies based on your needs and goals. Initially, sessions may be more frequent, and as progress is made, they can become less frequent. The schedule is flexible and tailored to your preferences.


5. Is life coaching only for people facing challenges, or can anyone benefit from it?


Life coaching is beneficial for individuals at any stage of life. Whether you're facing challenges, seeking personal growth, or striving to achieve specific goals, a life coach can provide support, guidance, and accountability.

7. What confidentiality can I expect during coaching sessions?

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of coaching. Your personal information and discussions will be kept private and secure. Coaches adhere to ethical standards that prioritize your privacy and trust.


8.  Does Breaking Down Barriers ASAP provide virtual  coaching?


Absolutely. Many coaching sessions take place online This flexibility allows you to access coaching services from the comfort of your own space, making it convenient for busy lifestyles.

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